Module 1: Introduction

Topic 2: Intelligent Agents

Why are we taking an agent-centric view?

  • The way we will look at different AI methods this semester will be very agent-centric
  • Do we mean the kinds of agents in the matrix?
    • Oddly enough, we kind of do… They are software, just we will be creating!  And they are embodied pieces of software that can act in the world and learn from their actions, making them learning agents.
  • Begin this section by reading chapter 2 (Intelligent Agents) in AIMA 
    • Chapter 2 focuses on characterizing what we mean by intelligent agents and critically assessing the environment in which the agent will perform. 
  • After you read the chapter, go through the highlight videos below and then there will be exercise that covers all of the concepts. 


Agents from the Matrix

Types of agents

  • What are the general types of intelligent agents that we will discuss this semester?

How do we characterize the environment to know what kind of agents will work best?

  • Specifying the agent using PEAS: Performance, Environment, Actions, States
    • Watch the video on PEAS
    • Link to the slides 
  • It is important to understand what the environment looks like where the agent will be acting.
    • Watch the video on environmental properties 
    •  Link to the slides 
  • Complete the homework assignment on agents and environments


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