Module 6: Traditional ML Methods

Topic 1: Linear Regression

Your first machine learning method

The first learning method we are going to study is one of the simplest yet it is very powerful!  Regression is sometimes seen as a statistics method (remember our Venn diagram on the homepage!) yet it is also an ML method.  We will study regression (predicting real numbers) and logistic regression (predicting classes) in this topic.

  • Reading: Read Section 19.6 (we skipped over 19.5, read Linear Regression and Classification)

Linear Regression

Linear regression is quick and easy and a powerful method for many simple learning tasks.  Also, it gives us a good introduction to learning in general. The video below will introduce you to linear regression.  Regression is used for predicting of real-values.

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Logistic Regression

Linear regression can predict real values but sometimes you need to predict a class label instead (such as positive or negative).  Logistic regression is a variant of linear regression that will handle classification.  The video below will introduce you to linear regression.

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