Module 8: Deep Learning

Topic 4: Deep Learning Ethics

Ethics of Generative AI

We could take the ethics topic for this module in a variety of different directions.  We could discuss the copyright and ethical issues of how the generative AI models are trained, for example.  This would lead to a discussion of the recent writers strike, etc.  However, I want to focus on an aspect that we have not discussed in our other modules: how AI (and generative AI in particular) could affect jobs in the near future.

The McKinsey Global Institute recently released a report called “Generative AI and the future of work in America“.  What we are going to do for this topic is to read this report then we will discuss it and its implications.

Online class assignment

Read the report and in the #ethics channel, discuss your thoughts on the following questions:

  • How do you need to prepare for the use and effect of generative AI for your planned (or current, some of you are already working full-time) career?
  • How does the growing impact of generative AI affect the future of education?
  • What can you do personally to help tackle the negative impacts of generative AI on some parts of the job sector?

When you are done, complete the grading declaration.

Hybrid class assignment

Read the report by Thursday Nov 16 before class and we will discuss in class.