Module 9: Advanced Topics


Executive Summary

  • Topics:
    • This module was not filled in until the end of the semester for a reason!  I wanted to be able to add in some of the latest topics in AI to this module.
  • Length: This module will take two weeks to complete
  • Assigned chapters: No book reading assigned for this module

Advanced Topics in AI

AI is advancing so rapidly that it is hard to keep up with the literature, even as a researcher in the field!  My goal for this module is to put together some of the latest methods and findings for us to discuss. 

Since this is our last module for the class, I wanted to focus on all the ways that AI is being used and developed to help make the world a better place. This is a HUGE range of topics and I’ll give us some fun reading on a variety of AI applications 

Can AI help us to make the world a better place?

Image generated from Adobe Firefly with the prompt "robot with a globe showing a field with flowers in the background"

Image generated in Adobe Firefly 2 with the prompt: “robot with a globe showing a field with flowers in the background”