Module 3: Search in the Real World

Schedule and Projects

Length of Module  

  • This module should take a week and a half to complete.  You will start it partway through week 4 of class.

Project 2

  • This module covers search in the real-world and we want to implement informed search methods.  As such, Project 2 is assigned during the second week.  It is not due until after the module ends but you will want to work on it throughout the week.

Week 1 (Sep 11-17)

  • Remember you are finishing Module 2 at the start of this week
  • Complete Topics 1 & 2 by Thursday

Week 2 (Sep 18-24)

  • Start Project 2
  • Complete topic 3 by Tuesday
  • Hybrid: Complete the ethics topic (topic 5) by Thursday class.  It is ok if you skip topic 4 to finish topic 5 on time and then do topic 4 by Friday.
  • Online: Complete topic 4 and 5 by Friday