Capture the Flag

Capture the flag (CTF)

For those who want to play in the new environment, this is a quick description of the rules!

Capture the flag is designed to be a multi-agent system, where you should be doing effective coordination among your ships to score well.  The rules of the environment are the same as before, with mineable and non-mineable asteroids but a new object has been added:  a Flag.  A field of non-moveable and non-mineable asteroids has been setup to represent flag alcoves and barriers between the two sides.  Each team has a single Flag that starts randomly inside one of the two alcoves for that team.  The initial field setup is shown below.  The non-mineable asteroids are the same at the start of every game. The small non-mineable asteroids (creating the barrier and alcoves) will remain stationary for the duration of the game. The larger non-mineable asteroids (around the perimeter) will move slowly, adding to the navigational challenges.  The mineable and gameable ones continue to be randomly generated and to move around the environment.  

Capture the flag screenshot

CTF specific rules

The rules for the flag are:

  • If a ship touches the flag belonging to its team, it will move to a new random location inside a randomly chosen alcove for that team (could be the same one or it could switch, it is chosen randomly).
  • If a ship touches the other team’s flag, that ship picks up the flag.  This is indicated in the graphics with a little white flag icon inside your ship.  
  • To count the flag for your team, the ship carrying the flag must bring it back to one of your bases.  Once the flag carrier touches the base, your flag will count.
  • If a ship dies while carrying the flag, the flag drops where the ship died.  It acquires the ship’s velocity at the time of death, so it will move around.  You have to go capture it again to have it count.  Remember, it doesn’t count until it gets back to base.
  • You can’t kill a flag.  No point shooting at it!

CTF Scoring 

Since CTF will ONLY be used in the competitive ladder this time, there is only one score.  The goal is to collect flags!  Resources will help teams to obtain flags by enabling teams to buy additional ships, bases, and powerups. 

  • Competitive: The score is the total Flags collected by your team, meaning you are directly competing against the other team for total number of flags.