Module 0: Getting Started



Welcome to the Fall 2023 online & hybrid offering of Artificial Intelligence (AI)! This course is being offered simultaneously through OU Online, to OU students on campus as a regular online class, AND as a hybrid class with meetings one day a week in person.  

I assume you have questions about expectations and how class will run. No doubt your questions are different based on which class offering you are taking!  This module will show you how all 3 offerings will work!

No matter if you are fully online or taking the hybrid approach, part of the class is online and asynchronous, I want to be sure you understand how it will be run right away.  Given the last few years of pandemic, you may be used to online and asynchronous classes or you may still be adjusting to them.  Either way, I want to be sure you are successful! 

Note that all of the course material is being hosted by the NSF AI Institute for Trustworthy AI in Weather, Climate, and Coastal Oceanography, though OU students will access it via canvas.  This enables the material to be available to anyone outside of OU as well, which is part of the educational outreach of the NSF institute. 

Artificial Intelligence

Robot and a Brain

Graphic from SciTech Daily 

Course tour

Let’s begin by taking a tour of how the course is run!


Each module will have a suggested schedule for completion as the final item in the menu below!