Module 0: Getting Started

Course Logistics: Part 2

Online course structure for all students

  • Make sure you take the quick course tour!
  • The online content of the course is organized into themes, modules, and topics.  Our three main themes are:
    • Introduction
    • Intelligent Search
    • Machine Learning
  • Each of the themes has modules associated with it and then each module has topics.  Any module and topic can be reached from the course homepage or the menu at the top.  In addition, each topic links to all the other topics in that module.
  • There are 2 cross-cutting modules at the bottom of the main course website.  We will introduce each one below but this is a quick overview.
    • The Projects Module will collect all information on the project (which will be active throughout the semester).   
    • The Important Links will contain links to important information like the syllabus, the online classroom code of conduct, and a copy of the weekly announcements.
  • At the start of each week, I will summarize the plans for the week and post in #announcements on slack
  • Canvas will have all of the grades

Course structure for hybrid students

  • Students enrolled in the hybrid class will still be accessing all of the online information
  • Students in the hybrid class are expected to watch the videos for that week BEFORE coming to class
  • The in-person class will be focused on active-learning exercises to deepen your understanding of each topic
  • I assume you will spend about about 6-9 hours per week on class.  We only have 1.25 hours a week in person.  For the online part, it is up to you to decide your schedule but you MUST do the videos & readings before class.  
  • I assume you will be an active participant in class!  Ask questions of myself and your fellow students.  Engage in the material and join the discussions! 
  • I expect you to adhere to the online AND in-person class code of conduct and to be respectful at all times in your discussions.  See the assignment below for more. 

Course structure for fully online 

  • The fully online students will complete all of their work from the online videos, readings, and assignments
  • In case they will find it useful, I will record the once-a-week in-person sessions and post them on the fully online class. However, I will not be doing any fancy recording as OU is not providing me with any additional resources. This means the recording is meant for the fully online students IF it is useful but it is NOT meant for the hybrid students to skip class!
  • I assume you will spend about about 6-9 hours per week on class.  If this was in person, we would have 3 hours of lecture/discussion and 3-6 hours of homework assignments, reading, and project work per week.  Remember, the class is completely asynchronous. I have assignments and expectations for you due each week but you decide on your schedule.  
  • I expect you to adhere to the online class code of conduct and to be respectful at all times in your discussions.  See the assignment below for more. 

Class schedule

  • I have structured the deadlines to space out the assignments through the week.  This is to help you remain engaged all week.  
  • Flexibility is great and helps you deal with life as it throws new things at you.  For the hybrid students, you need to watch your videos before class on Thursdays!  The rest of your deadlines are flexible within the week.  Each assignment and grading declaration will close Sunday 11:59pm for that week.
    • NOTE: This does not apply to projects!  Projects should be completed by the deadlines in canvas!

Class tools

  • Because we are sharing this material across AI2ES we will share course materials on the AI2ES course website. 
  • For OU students, canvas will store all grades/points and links to all assignments
  • Slack will manage all discussions and DMs – Slack will be our main mode of communication!

Required course materials

  • The required book is the fourth edition of “Artificial Intelligence: A Modern Approach” Make sure you buy the fourth edition as it is significantly updated and we will be using the new materials.  Readings from this book will be referred to as AIMA for the rest of the semester.  There is an online edition which is quite nice and hyperlinked.
  • There will be some additional reading beyond the book but it will be freely available and linked through the webpage.


Announcements will go on slack on the #announcements channel AND on the announcements page.


If you need accommodations, please register with the Office of Disability Services and they will email me.  Please feel free to contact me with any concerns or questions that you have about any kind of accommodations you think you might need. Online classes are really flexible, and I am sure we can come up with a good solution for any concerns you might have. Just let me know!

Ask questions!

I hope you will find answers to all your questions about how class will work as you work through the first week of activities.  However, please feel free to slack DM me, ask on a public slack channel if it of wide interest, or even email me.  I don’t always check messages instantly in the evenings or on the weekends, but I am at work every day, Monday through Friday (and if I’m going to be out of the office during business hours, you’ll see a note about that in the announcements).

I look forward to working with you on class and to having fun learning together!

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